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Mukesh Khanna Aka Bhishm Pitamah Slams Kapil Sharma Show Says It Is Vulgar – Mukesh Khanna advised Kapil Sharma’s present Wahiyat, shared the publish


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Mukesh Khanna advised Kapil Sharma’s present ‘Vahiyat’

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  • Mukesh Khanna described Kapil Sharma’s present as loopy
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  • Mukesh Khanna shared a publish about Kapil Sharma’s present

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The most talked about and funniest present on TV is ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. The characters of The Kapil Sharma Show not solely entertain the viewers, but in addition make individuals chuckle a lot. At the identical time, the forged of ‘Mahabharat’ got here in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ final week, with which Kapil Sharma and the other characters had a lot of enjoyable. But ‘Bhishma Pitamah’ i.e. Mukesh Khanna was not seen in this episode. Mukesh Khanna has not too long ago given the rationale for Kapil Sharma not occurring the present. She has shared a publish on Instagram, in which she mentioned that the present is very loopy. Along with this, he described the present as stuffed with stupidity.

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Mukesh Khanna wrote, explaining the rationale for Kapil Sharma not occurring the present, “People will ask me how can someone refuse a large present like Kapil Sharma. The largest actor goes, goes But Mukesh Khanna will not go. The cause is that although the Kapil present is widespread all over the nation, however I don’t assume any extra outrageous present than this. This present stuffed with sloppiness, stuffed with double-mingling jokes, turning each second in the direction of vulgarity. In which a man wears ladies’s garments. He does awful actions and other people chuckle whereas holding his abdomen. “

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Mukesh Khanna didn’t cease here, he additional wrote, “Place a fellow on the throne within the heart. His job is to chuckle, even when he doesn’t chuckle. It provides him cash. First of all this work. Sidhu brother used to take a seat, now Archana sister sits, work? Just do it ha ha ha. Mukesh Khanna additionally gave an instance in his publish. He wrote, “Earlier Ramayana present, in which Kapil asks Arun Govil that you Taking a tub on the seashore. One of the group within the crowd shouts, “Hey look, look! Ram Ji additionally wears VIP underwear.” What will you say?”

Mukesh Khanna criticized ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, additional wrote, “I simply noticed the promo. Arun Govil ji walks round carrying the picture of Shri Ram ji, simply smiled. As you see, how can you ask these awful questions. I do not know what Arun mentioned in response. I would have stored Kapil Sharma’s mouth shut, that’s why I did not go. “

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