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Movies released in theaters may soon arrive on streaming platforms faster


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It’s a decision viewers eagerly await: the overhaul of the media timeline. Jean Castex spoke of an evolution of the situation ” very quickly “. What to expect

What is the media timeline?

Why is a movie released in 2019 not available on Netflix while it is in the United States? Quite simply because he obeys the media chronology. This law obliges cinematographic works to meet deadlines, before being broadcast on platforms. It is necessary :

  • 4 months after theatrical release to be released on DVD / Blu-ray;
  • 8 months to be broadcast on TV on pay channels with an agreement;
  • 17 months to be broadcast on TV on pay channels without agreement;
  • 22 months to switch to free-to-air TV;
  • 36 months to land on streaming platforms;
  • 44 months to be available on free VOD platforms like YouTube.

During the lockdown, many subscribers complained about this law, which puts platforms at a disadvantage. Fortunately, the Prime Minister has heard these complaints and is committed to making things happen in the months to come. Indeed, believing to help cinema, this law actually prevents it from sharing and broadcasting creations on different media. What bothers viewers is especially the very long delay before the possibility of exploiting the work.

What changes to come?

The chronology of the media even pushed Disney to want to release their works directly on Disney + instead of going through the cinema box. Indeed, the studio cannot even upload the new film. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on its own platform because of this law.

In addition to spectator complaints, Jean Castex has heard threats from the big film companies and intends to make things happen. He claims that this aging system is no longer advantageous for companies because it does not take into account streaming platforms. He concludes by: “We cannot demand a lot from platforms and impose on them the broadcasting deadlines currently planned. “

The Prime Minister announced support of 165 million euros for cinema and hopes that “The actors discuss very quickly” of the media timeline.

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