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Moto G9 on the way, Tim, Claro and Vivo will buy Oi? Huawei beats Samsung and more | Planto TC


The time has come for another edition of TC call, where we separated the main news from the last week so that you can stay on top of everything that happened in one place.

In the 41st edition of the TC on duty we talked about the onslaught of the consortium formed by Tim, Claro and Vivo to buy Oi Mobile, launches of Xiaomi in Brazil, Huawei passing Samsung in the global smartphone market thanks to sales in China and first details about the Moto G9 line.

Are you curious? Then scroll down to see a summary of everything!

Xiaomi expands portfolio in Brazil

Xiaomi held an online event in Brazil to present the brand’s new products officially available here, including not only cell phones but several others from its smart ecosystem.

The big star, probably, was the Mi Band 5, which next to the cheaper Mi Band 4C promises to be a good option for smart bracelet. The company also introduced the TWS Mi True Wireless Earbuds 2 headset, the Mi TV Stick, which competes with Amazon’s Fire Stick, and even routers.

In terms of cell phones, the launches this time were in the entry niche, with Redmi 9 and 9A arriving at prices well above expectations. The Redmi 9 stands out for its powerful Helio G80 chip, which should be more than enough for more basic users, in addition to bringing four cameras at the rear and a large battery. Its price of R $ 2,100, however, ends up making the recommendation very difficult.

The Redmi 9A arrives with the new Helio G25, which should replace the P22 in the super basic. It has a big screen, 5,000mAh battery and Android 10, but the suggested price of R $ 1,400 is a little out of touch with the competition in Brazil.

First details of the Moto G9 line

Motorola launched models from the Moto G7 and Moto G8 lines in 2019, leaving many people irritated even though it was not the first time the brand had done so, in addition to being quite common in the current market. Now, the first more concrete details about the new phones of the Moto G9 line are beginning to emerge, which following the logic should be presented within a few weeks.

The most basic of them, Moto G9 Play, was spotted in a benchmark test with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 series chip and 4GB of RAM, which if confirmed will be an interesting improvement over the current Moto G8 Play.

The most complete of the line, Moto G9 Plus, has not yet leaked details about which processor will be used, with only comment that it will have 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Its launch price would be around 280 euros, and the battery would have a good improvement, going to 4,700mAh with 30W recharge.

Motorola has yet to give any hints as to when the new Moto G9 line will be announced, but it should be sometime between September and November.

Fight for Oi

That Oi is looking for interested parties to buy its mobile division is nothing new, but the company has seen its name circulate in the news quite frequently in recent days.

It all started with a joint proposal made by Tim, Claro and Vivo to acquire Oi Móvel, a proposal that caught many people by surprise and generated a certain concern about the damage this could bring to competition in Brazil.

But, soon after, an American investment fund called Highline managed to cover the offer of the others, and obtained exclusivity of bids until the 3rd of August. This was because the fund not only covered the minimum bid of R $ 15 billion requested by Oi, but also went a little further.

As expected, the consortium formed by Tim, Claro and Vivo made a new offer, this time for R $ 16.5 billion, also including in the package an agreement for the use of Oi’s broadband infrastructure, which would guarantee a good revenue for the company in the medium term.

As Highline has exclusive offers until August 3, the consortium’s proposal is on standby until then, and only then will we know what decision Oi will take. Take the opportunity to check out our Detective TudoCelular on the subject, where we comment on what may change with the sale of Oi Móvel.

Huawei passes Samsung in sales in the second quarter

We closed this edition of the TC on duty with news that could take many people by surprise, especially after all the problems involving Huawei and the United States government: Huawei was the largest smartphone maker in the second quarter.

Surpassing Samsung in number of sales, which according to Canalys was 55.8 million devices for the Chinese versus 53.7 million for the South Korean, Huawei took the top in the midst of the trade war, and ironically this was precisely for its dominance in the Chinese market.

As China was the first to be affected by the new coronavirus, it was also the first to resume its activities, which helped Huawei achieve good sales while the rest of the world was almost paralyzed by the pandemic.

Does Huawei maintain the throne in the third quarter, with the Western market more normalized and with major launches of Samsung and Apple prepared?


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