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Mom’s Hilarious Prank Pretends To Eat Toddler’s Finger Leaves Netizens In Splits See Viral Video


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Mother pretends to eat daughter's finger, then the girl sheds tears on seeing her hand - see funny video

Mother ate daughter’s finger, then the girl shed tears like this on seeing her hand – see video

On social media, a video of mother-daughter is becoming increasingly viral, which will also bring a smile on your face. The mother had a funny prank video with the daughter, after which the daughter’s tears came out. Mother @prairievillagemom shared this video on Instagram, which is becoming quite viral.

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The video began with Josephine and her mother looking at the camera. Mother pretends to eat daughter’s finger. As soon as she tries to bite the finger, then the sound of chewing in the background comes from behind. The child starts crying as soon as she sees her finger. While sharing the video, the mother wrote, ‘My daughter is still angry that I have eaten her finger.’

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He shared this video on December 13, which has so far had more than 6 thousand views. Also, hundreds of likes have been found. Many people like this video very much. People shared the emoji, describing it as fun.

One user wrote, ‘This is such a sweet baby girl. She is crying so innocently after acting mother. The other user wrote, ‘Very cute video, mother prank very funny.’

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