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Microsoft in talks to buy TikTok in US


According to a media report on Friday (July 31), the technology giant Microsoft is in talks for an advance round of acquisition of the US operations of TickTock, while President Donald Trump said that his administration will take this Chinese-owned The video app is considering a ban.

Trump told reporters at the White House, “We are considering Ticktock. Maybe we will ban Ticketcock. ” India has banned 106 Chinese apps, including TicketLock and the move has been welcomed by both the US administration and lawmakers. Trump said in response to a question, “We can do some other things as well. There are several options. But in the meantime a lot of things are happening, so we have to see what happens. But we are looking at a lot of options in relation to TickTalk. “

TikTok may be banned in America, Donald Trump signs

The “Wall Street Journal” reported on Friday (July 31) that Indian-American Satya Nadella-led company Microsoft had already moved ahead in negotiations to acquire TickTock’s US business. The deal could be worth billions of dollars. The newspaper reported, “According to people aware of the case, a deal may be completed by Monday and representatives from Microsoft, ByteDance and White House may be involved in the negotiations. Negotiations are possible and the deal may not happen. ”

ByteDance of China is the parent company of Tittock. In recent weeks, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Tittock of collecting personal information about Americans. He told members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday (July 30), “India has banned 106 Chinese apps, including TicketLock, which were posing a threat to the privacy and security of its citizens.” Media reports It also stated that the Trump administration could soon deprive BiteDance of ownership of Ticketock’s US operations.


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