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Matthew McConaughey Says About His Father Death – Hollywood Actor Revealed: Father dies due to heart attack while loving mother


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Mumbai. Be it film stars or celebrities from other fields, they make shocking revelations in their memoirs and books. It has also happened many times that due to the revelations made in his own biography, the storm arose. One such disclosure has been made by Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey.

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3 weddings, two divorced

According to a portal report, Oscar Award winner Matthew is about to launch a new edition of his memoir. In this memoir titled Greenlights, Matthew has given controversial information about his father’s death. He says his father James Donald performed 3 weddings. Two of them got divorced. Matthew was born from a third marriage. He says that the father had told that he would die while loving his wife.

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‘Mother told father died’

Matthew told that he received a call from his mother. The mother said that your father has died. I shivered completely. Could not believe. Nobody could kill them, except for my mother. He used to say, I will go out of this world loving your mother and then it happened.

Users reprimanded
Fans have reprimanded him after Matthew’s disclosure. Users say that there was no need for Star to narrate her father’s private anecdote. That too when his father has passed away. Some people have alleged that they have adopted this gimmick to sell their new book. Another user wrote, ‘Has his mother allowed him to make the incident public.

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