Mathilde Warnier is a French actress, columnist and model who is known for her controversial exchange with the French comedian Nicolas Bedos on the sets of the show ‘Au fil de la nuit’ in 2011. She is a part of the Netflix crime drama series ‘The Serpent’ where she portrayed Nadine Gires.


Mathilde Warnier was born on 22 October 1991 (age 29 years; as of 2020) in Paris, France. Her zodiac sign is Libra. Mathilde completed her bachelor’s degree in production from a film school, where she was discovered while working on a TV set and she was cast in the movie ‘The Grad Job’ in 2013.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 7″

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Black

Mathilde Warnier

Family & Ethnicity

Parents & Siblings

Mathilde Warnier has four sisters. She has two elder sisters- Caroline and Amélie Warnier. She also has a twin sister, Clémence Warnier.

Mathilde Warnier with her twin sister Clémence Warnier

Mathilde Warnier with her twin sister Clémence Warnier


Mathilde Warnier was in a relationship with the French shoe designer, Balthazar Petrus.

Mathilde Warnier with her boyfriend Balthazar Petrus

Mathilde Warnier with her boyfriend Balthazar Petrus


In 2013, Mathilde started her career as a model where she became the model for the feminine perfume Anaïs Anaïs which was launched by the French brand, Cacharel. She got featured on the cover page of the magazine Paulette in 2014. In 2014, she got her first break in the movie The Grad Job (2014). In 2015, she was a part of the French romantic comedy movie ‘Caprice.’ She made her television debut with the French comedy-drama series ‘A Very Secret Service’ in the same year.

Mathilde Warnier in a still from the show 'A Very Secret Service'

Mathilde Warnier in a still from the show ‘A Very Secret Service’

In 2017, Mathilde was roped in to act in the movie ‘The Wild Boys.’ In 2019, Mathilde did several TV series like The Widow, Spiral, Dynasty, and World on Fire. In 2020, Mathilde got the opportunity to play the role of Nadine Gires in ‘The Serpent.’

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  • Mathilde Warnier is often spotted enjoying a cigarette.
    Mathilde Warnier smoking

    Mathilde Warnier smoking

  • In 2011, Mathilde went to the show ‘Au Field de la nuit’ where she called out the French comedian and writer Nicolas Bedos after she read his books and was disappointed with the quality of work. In response to her statement, Nicolas said-

    Maybe go get fucked in the ass. You are not going to piss me off with your shitty questions. You are going to take your microphone, you are going to put it in your ass and you are off the hook.”

  • In 2015, Mathilde did a photoshoot for the lingerie brand, Miss Crofton, and for clothing brand Fendi. She has also done commercials for mineral water brand Evian and for the coffee brand Carte Noire.
    Mathilde Warnier during her photoshoot for the fashion brand Fendi

    Mathilde Warnier during her photoshoot for the fashion brand Fendi

  • Mathilde’s grandparents and great grandparents were lacemakers and her grandmother taught her how to make sew and make lace. During an interview, Mathilde said-

    Sewing was their life. I was taught to sew even before I knew how to write.”

  • In her leisure time or when she is not learning the script, Mathilde likes to spend her time writing and drawing. She even wrote a script for a movie which she is turning into a comic series.
  • After her breakup, Mathilde moved to a ‘Polly Pocket’ apartment (as she likes to call it) in Paris. She loves reading and books have been a huge part of the central element of her house. She has also kept several verdant plants in her house to improve the interior.
    Mathilde Warnier in her house

    Mathilde Warnier in her house

  • Mathilde has a passion for collecting shoes and she mostly collects the shoes that make her laugh. Despite the huge collection, she likes wearing the same pair of Converse sneakers that she has been wearing for the past eight years.
  • Mathilde always struggled with her femininity. She decided to keep her hair short and she would always wear denim jeans and masculine sweaters so that people would listen to her and take her seriously.
  • To prepare herself for the role of Nadine Gires for the show ‘The Serpent,’ Mathilde got a chance to meet the real Nadine on the sets. She said-

    I talked to her over the phone before shooting and later had the chance to meet her on set.

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