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Mathieu Kassovitz provokes an uproar by judging that cinema is doomed to die and that it is not “essential”


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While many film professionals criticize the French government’s decision not to reopen cinemas, Mathieu Kassovitz is not at all of the same opinion.

A pavement in the pond. The French cinema world seemed to be in unison with the decision taken by the French authorities not to reopen theaters before January 7, at least, unlike the planned date of December 15. All together ? Not quite.

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The actor and director Mathieu Kassovitz, who often does not have his tongue in his pocket, has a completely different opinion on the matter, and he was quick to say it loud and clear on BFMTV.

According to him, the reopening of theaters is ” absolutely not essential in the situation in which we are “Then got annoyed with” a form of misplaced ego »Seeing critics from the world of cinema in particular. ” You have TV, you can watch movies at home He blurted out.

And the director of La Haine to go even further. ” What is interesting about the Covid is that it is a society accelerator. We have been facing our own mortality and fragility for a year. As a filmmaker, I am hallucinated by the paradigm shift that is in society from going from science fiction to all of a sudden it’s reality. (…) If you had been put people with masks at 90 cents in a movie five years ago, it was a science fiction movie. There, we are right in it. So yeah, cinema is no longer essential as it once was. Unfortunately, rooms are no longer essential. “

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Well aware that his words will not please everyone, “Kasso” even explains that he will do ” shout everyone, my friends, all the people I work with but the future of cinema is no longer here. And goes so far as to compare the disappearance of tigers with that, inevitable according to him, of the cinema. Words that obviously shocked a large part of Internet users.

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