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Marvel is a new cameo in Cinematic Universe’s ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’


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Mumbai. The fifth episode of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is being streamed. In this episode, a battle takes place between Captain America, John Walker and a flag smirks killing Vibranium Shield. If you have not seen this episode, you can think of it as a spoiler alert.

John got angry
The new episode begins with John running away. When he stops, Sam and Bookie catch him. They ask John to keep the shield, but he refuses. During this, they fight. John injures the two in this fight. John comes back to America and all the titles and benefits are taken away from him. The senator’s decision makes him angry, stating that he could be court martialed. To this John states that he was merely following orders like a good soldier.

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Big cameo
A big cameo role has surfaced in this episode. It features the Marvel comic character Valentina. Let me tell you that the makers of such surprise promised. However, the show’s lead author Malcom Spellman said that this character will not make you cry, but will make you excited and happy.

The government experimented on Isha’s body
Valentina tells John that by applying his super solder serum in his vanes, he has become special for some powerful people. When the flag-smashers come to their century, they see that everything is deserted. Bookie sees Jemo and hands him over to Dora Milaje. Before leaving, Bookie asks Dora for help. He turns to Sam and then to Sister Sarah and her children. Ishah tells Sam that Sarkar has experimented on his body and his family is told that he has died. He says that a black person with no self-respect would not want to get Captain America Shield and the Stars and Stripes symbol means nothing to him.

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Preparations to blow up New York building
Bookie brings a package for Sam and reveals that he is a gift from Wakanda. They remodel the boat. Sam and Bookie practice with the Shield. Despite Isha’s speaking, Sam decides to take it and thinks of Captain America as a bun. Carly Morgenthau of Flag Smashers joins with George Butros, who appeared in the first episode of the show. They both want to see Falcon dead. Flag Smashers want to demolish the New York building in which the Conference of the Global Reparations Council is about to take place. Joaquin Torres praises Falcon that the flag smashers are now in New York. Sam opens the package given by the bookie. However it is not shown what is in it. It seems that there is a uniform of Captain America in it.

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