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Man holds the tail of 17 feet long anaconda which inched towards his boat See Viral Video – 17 foot anaconda near the boat

नाव के नज़दीक आया 17 फुट का एनाकोंडा, शख्स ने पकड़ ली पूंछ और फिर - देखें Viral Video
A 17-foot anaconda came near the boat, the man caught the tail and then - see Viral Video

A 17-foot anaconda came near the boat, the man caught his tail and then …

A video that is becoming viral on social media very fast these days. In this video, some people are trying to pull a big anaconda. Let me tell you that this video is from the year 2014 but it has been shared once again with the @menlivesless (main live lace) Twitter handle. After which it is becoming very fast viral on social media. daily Mail According to Brazil, this incident is in Brazil, in which three people are sitting on a boat in the river and one of them is trying to catch the tail of the big anaconda and remove it from the water. You will be surprised to know that the height of anaconda seen in this video is about 17 feet high.

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Let us tell you that this video was made in the year 2014 in the Santa Maria River. The three people who are seen in this video are one Cirelli Oliveira, together with her husband Bettinho Borges and friend Rodrigo Santos. In this video, Cirelli Oliveira’s husband Bettinho Borges is trying to catch Anaconda’s tail and take it out of the water. Anaconda frees her tail and runs away from the boat in a hurry. Cirelli Oliveri’s husband tells his friend to capture Anaconda. At the same time, in this video, Sireli Olivera is seen in Portuguese saying ‘Leave it’ O Moy God.

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Three days ago this video was shared on Twitter. Despite being an old video, it is becoming quite viral on social media. Also, more than 3 lakh views have been received on this video so far. Also, many scary comments have come on this video.

Fox news According to the environmental police of ‘Mato Grosso do’, the three people who carried out the incident were equally fined. As a penalty, each person has to deposit $ 600, that is, according to Indian money, 45 thousand each person has to be deposited as penalty.

Significantly, anaconda is a group of large snakes found in South America. The snake seen in this video is Anaconda – one of the largest snakes in the world and still considered the smallest snake in the anaconda family, the yellow anaconda that prefers to live in water. Yellow anaconda is seen in this video. One thing often said about this snake is that it kills and kills its prey.


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