Home Food Make Besan ke Laddu in a new way without ghee

Make Besan ke Laddu in a new way without ghee


Today I am going to share with you the granular laddu without ghee without syrup and without mava. They are very strong in taste and are ready very quickly. You must have made and eaten gram flour laddu, this time make it in a unique way without a single spoon of ghee.

Make Besan ke Laddu in a new way without ghee

Ingredients – ingredients for Besan ke Laddu

  • Besan = two cups, 250 gms
  • Fresh cream = one cup 125 grams
  • Sugar powder = one and a half cup
  • Cashew nuts = two tablespoons finely chopped
  • Small cardamom powder = half a teaspoon

Method – how to make Besan ke Laddu

Place the pan on gas and add gram flour and fry gram flour on low flame. Whether you fry gram flour in ghee or without gram flour, always fry gram flour on low flame, it burns gram flour and gives bitterness to gram flour. Then the taste of laddu made from gram flour goes bad, that is why fry gram flour on low flame.

Stir fry gram flour 80%. I have been frying gram flour on low flame for 15 minutes and our gram flour is 80% fried and it smells very good. Turn off the gas.

Beat the cream well and put it in gram flour. Mix the cream in the gram flour while stirring. After mixing the cream well in the gram flour, fry the gram flour on low flame for another 20%. By adding cream, you will not even need to add mawa in it, because when you cook the cream with gram flour, it will turn into mawa.

Fry gram flour with cream for 5 to 6 minutes. Now our gram flour is well fried. Now add sugar powder, cashew-almond and small cardamom powder and mix well while stirring. Our mixture is now ready to make laddu. To make laddu, take a little mixture in hand and tie its laddu. You can make laddu small or big as per your choice. Prepare all the other laddu in the same way.

Our gram flour without ghee is ready to be made into granular laddu. These look very tasty to eat, so this time you also make besan these fun laddu.

besan ke danedar laddu

Besan ke Danedar Laddu


Laddoo Recipe




Besan ke Laddu, Coconut Ladoo, Dry Fruit Laddu Recipe, Mithai Recipe, pneer mithai

Servings: 6 people

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