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Loki reportedly bisexual in upcoming Disney + series


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The series on Loki is one of the most anticipated on Disney +. If the release date has been postponed because of the pandemic, clues about the series are circulating on the Net. Among them, recent information claims that Loki will be bisexual.

For a long time now, Disney has made an effort to introduce diversity in its different works. According to a new rumor, he is Thor’s brother, Loki, which will showcase diversity in its new Disney + series. Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) is said to be openly bisexual in the series of the same name. This information was reported by Daniel Richtman, famous American blogger specializing in blockbusters via We Got This Covered. The latter also claimed that the god of mischief and discord will have two suitors in the series: a man and a woman.

As of yet, this rumor has yet to be confirmed by the show’s producers, so Loki’s sexual orientation remains a mystery. Moreover, the series in its generality remains mysterious, insofar as little information has been revealed. What is certain is that the series will not be released until 2021, given that its release date had to be pushed back due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

So far, the MCU has been criticized for not portraying the LGBT + community enough in its films, and if the Loki rumor is true, change is on the way.

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