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Line Renaud shares a moving message to defend “the right to die with dignity”


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At 92, the actress wanted to send a strong message.

Very jovial and sunny, Line Renaud is normally at the front of the stage to dazzle us with her talent. But since the stroke she suffered in April 2019, she has been more discreet. But this Saturday, January 9, the actress decided to use her Twitter account to send a message, that of defending “the right to die with dignity”. This is not the first time that she has put her popularity at the service of great causes, and this one more than the others seems important to her because of its still taboo character in society.

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If medical euthanasia is authorized in Switzerland or in Belgium, this is not the case in France. A ban deemed unbearable by Line Renaud for some suffering patients and their loved ones. Thus, the actress has once again taken a position in a video shot by the association for the right to die with dignity. ” I have seen too many people die around me not to know exactly the suffering at the end of life and the difficulties in being heard when you are in the hospital ”, She declared in particular. A message intended for state officials which has been congratulated by some Internet users, and criticized by others.

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