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Laxmi Review: An incomprehensible and clichéd story Review of Laxmii: A Brainless Chaos


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Lakshmi (Disney Plus Hotstar)

Akshay Kumar, Kiara Advani Starring

Director by Raghav Lawrence

Rating; **

For my money and time, Akshay Kumar is the most attractive A-lister in Bollywood. He also films a lot of fun and fun. They can also give a social message when needed. And they have done all of these with flying colors in the past.

This time in Lakshmi the takeaway is zero. If the film wants to increase the debate on the transgender community then it fails miserably. It is predominantly vigorous, with a largely clichéd and bountiful physical comedy featuring talented actors such as Rajesh Varma and Ayesha Reza Mishra, jumping, sliding, sliding and scorching, though in a few pegs, they are Rowdy Halloween. Is in the party.

Everyone behaves this way in the film, except none other than Akshay Kumar, who has not done such loud and physical comedy. Hera Ferry R.I.P. She is as energetic as Asif, but has a script as Lakshmi that does not allow for any intelligent moment in her screen wife’s family as the soul of a transgender woman.

If you know that the wife is played by Kiara Advani, no one will be surprised who has nothing but to wait for her husband. The husband is, incidentally, a Muslim. This empowers Akshay to speak on the importance of the Holy Quran, Namaz etc. in a sacredly incorporated sequence where Asif converts his father-in-law (Rajesh Sharma) to accept the religious identity of his son-in-law. If in a setback, Akshay intends to win over two minority communities, he has to say with regret that he has lost both fan bases at once.

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The film repeatedly increases its inequality, increasing the spread of that tasteless land of any man who is neither funny nor scary. Good artists like Ashwini Kalsekar and Sharad Kelkar probably run here in search of a script.

There are songs that add to the witless chaos that disintegrates into a banging bangler without rhyme or reason. Already in this story the lyrics are so badly structured that if someone is watching a movie in a theater, one will jump out of the loo or jump from the nearest ledge to get out of trouble.

The interesting thing is that by the time the half-film is made by the trans-gender ghost, Nervous Energy, by the time Akshay’s Lakshmi character enters the film, we have already seen all the characters here for their care. has gone.

Even when dressed in a saree. It is a one-man show. And there is no bumper prize for guessing who that man is. In fact, Akshay Kumar deserves a lot better than this distorted mess and scary sign of Kalpana, nothing but Kalpana’s complete bankruptcy.

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