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Law and Order : Longest Running Drama of American TV Series


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Law and order

Police procedural and legal drama, ‘Law &Order’, is an American serial consisting of 20 seasons. Story of this legal drama, is full of mysteries. National Broadcasting Company (NBC), premiered this legal drama first time on September 13, 1990.Police procedural and legal serial follows specially trained squad of detectives and special victims unit. Dick Wolf is the creator of this legal and Golden Globe winning drama series.

This American serial, filmed in New York City consist of 20 seasons, 456 episodes following a two part approach: First half hour is based on investigation of crime and second half is based on prosecution of defendants.

Cast of the movie Law and order:

  • Sam Waterston as          jack McCoy
  • epatha as             anita van buren
  • Jerry orbach as        Lennie Briscoe
  • Jerry L.Martin as        Ed Green
  • Mariska Hargitary as Olivia Benson
  • Joe Forbrich  as       Detective
  • Lauren Grabas       as      lisa lundquist

New York police department, detects the criminals and defendants are being prosecuted by Attorney officer of Mahatten District.

Police procedural drama series, having 20 seasons had a revolving cast over the years. The longest running main cast members of this American serial were: steven hill played the role of District Attorney as Adam schieff in season 1 to 10, jerry orbach as Lennie Briscoe played the role of detective in season 3 to 14, jerry L. Martin as Ed Green played the role of detective in season 10 to 18, S.Epatha as Anita van played the role of lieutenant in season 4 to 20.

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Police proccedural legal drama, ‘Law and Order’ is the versatile and phenomenal Golden Globe winning tv series, Last episode of this Golden globe winning drama was on aired on May 24, 2010. American legal drama series, is the longest running law enforcement series in American television network, which enjoyed strong ratings throughout its run, and also won Emmy Award for best drama series.

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