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Land acquisition case: MLA protests by standing headlong position in support of farmers – Land acquisition case: MLA protests by taking head position in support of farmers

भूमि अधिग्रहण का मामला: विधायक ने किसानों के समर्थन में अर्धनग्न होकर शीर्षासन करके विरोध जताया

In Sheopur, MLA Babu Jandel protesting with headship in assist of farmers.


Regarding the land acquisition within the Atal Expressway Project of the Central Government in Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh) Conflict between farmers and administration It appears to be rising. During the demonstration of the farmers demanding 4 instances compensation as a substitute of land within the land acquisition, at this time the scenario grew to become uncontrollable when the DM delayed arrival among the many farmers who had come to the DM workplace to submit the memorandum. Farmers who reached the management of the native Congress MLA encamped on the DM’s workplace and confirmed conceitedness towards the administration and the administration. The Congress MLA additionally imposed head quarters towards the federal government. After an uproar that lasted for about 3 hours, the farmers returned by pasting a memorandum on the collectorate. He additionally warned of a giant agitating motion as he handed.

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Land acquisition work began for Atal Chambal Expressway in Sheopur district Farmer And it has change into a cause for battle between the administration. Farmers have taken to the streets demanding compensation for land 4 instances. Hundreds of farmers gathered at this time marched on foot and reached the collectorate.

The farmers wished to submit a memorandum to the DM, on which the matter went flawed. The farmers have been adamant on submitting the memorandum to the DM and the DM didn’t come there for 2 hours. Furious at this, the farmers encamped on the collectorate and began a fierce demonstration upon seeing it. The farmers staged a semi-demonstration beneath the management of Congress MLA Babu Jandel. The MLA went a step forward and protested towards the federal government by standing headlong.

Farmer standing in line of financial institution to get insurance coverage cash in Madhya Pradesh


This protest went on for practically an hour. During this era, the officers additionally tried to persuade the farmers, however they didn’t agree. He later returned by pasting a memorandum on the Collectorate’s pillar. The farmers say that if our demand is just not met then an enormous motion will likely be achieved. The Congress MLA concerned within the protest accused the collector of being insensitive, whereas accused the federal government of killing democracy. The legislator says that the struggle will likely be fought by the farmers.


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