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Labrador Retriever Running Away With Reporters Microphone During A Live TV Report See Viral Video


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The dog ran away snatching the mike from the reporting girl on Live TV, ran after the reporter and then ... View full video

On Live TV, the dog ran away snatching the mike from the girl’s hand, ran after the reporter and then … Watch Video

Live TV Reporting can be unpredictable. Your work may be interrupted by bad weather, noisy birds or even heavy crowds. But this Russian journalist had no idea that a very special guest in his weather report – the Labrador Retriever – would arrive. The dog came running towards him. From his hand came out Mike Runna (Dog Runs Away With Reporter’s Mic On Live TV). This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

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According to the news of Daily Mail, in a video that went viral, Mir TV’s weather correspondent Nadezhda Serzkina can be seen starting the segment. She was telling that the springs season has arrived in Moscow. As Serzkina began to say, “Spring has arrived in Moscow, the temperature will be 8 ° C, nine ° C.” At the same time a dog climbed on top of them and snatched the mike and escaped.

Serzkina soon followed the dog. She shouted, ‘Wait, come here …’ Then her colleague in the studio, Alina Dashkueva, stopped the video and told the audience that the connection had been lost.

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The dog appeared again on camera. This time, Nadezhda was seen standing with Serzkina, not running away. He was holding Mike tightly and with the other hand she was stroking the dog. He completed his incomplete talk.

The reporter sitting near the dog said- ‘Nobody was harmed.’ But the dog had bitten Mike twice. Eventually the reporter shook the dog’s leg and ended the show.

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