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Kim Kardashian became an American model and businesswoman


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New Delhi: Hollywood actress and businesswoman Kim Kardashian is popular worldwide. Kim is known for her bold style. He has crores of followers on social media. But now he has achieved a very big achievement. Indeed, Kim Kardashian has officially become a billionaire. On Tuesday, Forbes released a list of biliniers around the world. It also includes Kim’s name.

Property boom this year
Kim Kardashian has made her name in the Billionaire List for the first time. According to Forbes magazine, in addition to TV shows, endorsement deals, Kim has two big businesses that helped her become a billionaire. According to the report, Kim has now become the owner of one billion assets. His total assets stood at $ 780 million in October last year. But this year there was a tremendous jump in her wealth and she became a billionaire.


Business success
Let us know that Kim Kardashian started her comic business KKW Beauty in the year 2017. Three lakh contour kits were sold within two hours of its launch. He was helped to earn 100 million from this business. Last year, Kim sold 20 percent of KKW Beauty to cosmetic group COTY. This also boosted his earnings. He then launched the Shapewear Products business Skims. He also got success in this too. According to Forbes, Skims shares amounted to $ 225 million, making Kim a major success in becoming a billionaire.

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