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Kharmas 2020 kharmas is starting from 15 december which auspicious works will not happen during this time


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What happens The

When the Sun enters Jupiter’s zodiac sign Sagittarius and Pisces, then it becomes bitter because Jupiter becomes weak due to Sun. Therefore all auspicious works like marriages, mundan, grihapravesha etc. are not done in Kharmas, because it is necessary to be a witness of Jupiter for auspicious works. It is not good to start any new work in this month. Engagement, start of house building, new house entry etc. are not done.

What to do in Kharmas The

Kharmas are the best time for charity. In this time, the results of charity and charity are more fruitful. In this month, the poor should donate food, food, clothing, etc. By this the pain of inauspicious planets is removed. This month is also good for chanting and meditation. In this month, meditation, worship, mantra chanting of Ishth is very beneficial. The planetary defects are removed by performing Navagraha Havan.

Things to do in Kharmas:

1. If Jupiter is in Sagittarius in horoscope, then auspicious works can be done in this month also.

2. There is no bond of Kharmas in the auspicious work or religious rituals to be performed. Therefore, you can do this type of work in this month.

3. Karmat, Jatakarma and Annaprashan etc. can be done in this period if decided beforehand.

4. If you are going to do Shraddha of someone in Gaya, then there is no bond of Kharmas in this also.

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5. In the marriage of the court marriage does not make any kind of noise barrier. Hence courts can be merged.

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