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Katy Perry Said Social Media Is Trash-Decline Of Human Civilization


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New Delhi. Be it Bollywood celebs or Hollywood celebs, all are very active on social media. Talking about American pop singer Katy Perry, her popularity is not less than anyone. Regarding his followers, he has 115 million followers on Instagram. In such a situation, Katy has given a big statement about social media. Since which Katy has been in the limelight. Recently, Katy has tweeted a few from her official Twitter handle. On which his fans are now seen keeping their reaction.

Katy Perry’s Tweets

Indeed, American singer Katy Perry called social media a waste. Katy tweeted something for her fans to be able to react to her. In which he tweeted not one but several. In all his tweets, he spoke to the media about the waste and degradation of human civilization. At the same time, Parry also used a hashtag for the people. In which he wrote “what I said”. At the same time, Katy’s tweet went viral as she was retweeted more than 2500 times.

Fans agreed

In Katy Perry’s tweet, her fans are commenting and keeping their word. By the way, it has not been clear yet why and why Katy has called social media a waste. At the same time, if you talk about the comment of his fans, then everyone is seen agreeing to Katy’s talk. One user commented that ‘Not one of these things is a lie.’ At the same time, some of them appeared to be surprised at Katy’s talk.

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Recently become mother

Let me tell you recently, Katy Perry has given birth to a daughter. Katie and her fiance Orlando Bloom have become parents to a daughter. Together, they have named this girl Daisy Dow Bloom. Katie revealed this through social media and expressed her happiness. She also shared a beautiful picture with the baby girl.

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