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Kate Moss & # 039; daughter grew up to be awesome


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Kate Moss's daughter grew up to be awesome

Kate Moss' daughter Lila Grace Moss Hack was born in the shadow of a very famous mother, which was probably a challenging way to grow up. However, in some ways, Moss Hack has been the center of attention since its birth, and it has done so apparently effortlessly. The entire world has been watching Kate Moss' only daughter since she was born. on September 29, 2002And, when she is still young, Moss Hack has already left a mark on the world around her.

Of course, Moss Hack has followed in the footsteps of his famous mother to some degree. But at the same time, she has also forged a life of her own.

Fame can be ruthless, but throughout his life, Moss Hack has behaved with the utmost grace, whether on the red carpet, on a parade, or in a photo shoot. That's probably why she's made so many famous friends along the way, who have nothing but spectacular things to say about her. Read on to find out all about the amazing transformation of Kate Moss' daughter, Lila Grace Moss Hack.

Kate Moss's daughter grew up with separated parents

Lila Grace Moss Hack's parents, Jefferson Hack and Kate Moss, met and started dating in 2001, when, according to fashioninterviewed the model for Stunned and confused. While her parents can no longer be together, Moss Hack still has a very loving relationship with both her mother and father. Despite the fact that they never married and separated after the birth of their daughters, the former couple is heavily involved in raising their daughter.

Talking with him Sunday times In June 2016, Moss Hack's father explained how he does parenting with his former job. "I spend a lot of time with Lila Grace," he told the publication. "She is 13 years old and my relationship with her and her mother, Kate, is what I am most proud of. That is life with a capital L".

Hack added that, despite a hectic schedule, he is the CEO and founder of Dazed Media – he is always sure to plan his schedule around his daughter. "I have Lila at least one night a week and every other weekend," he revealed to Sunday time. Clearly, even though her parents separated, Kate Moss' daughter had a mother and father who were determined to raise her well.

Lila Grace Moss Hack, the daughter of Kate Moss, had a deeply private childhood

Lila Grace Moss Hack's parents did everything possible to keep her out of the public eye in her first years of life. In addition to a few paparazzi shots here and there, the world didn't hear much about Kate Moss' daughter's personal life during her teens.

But when Moss Hack was 9 years old, details about his life slowly began to emerge through the vine. In 2012, the world received the first indication that it could follow in the footsteps of its famous mother and embark on a modeling career.

It was thanks to her sister, Iris Law, daughter of the actors Sadie Frost and Jude Law, that we received the information. In an interview with Entertain magazine, as reported by the Telegraph, Iris revealed that she and Moss Hack had been busy simulating photo shoots at home. "My goddaughter, Lila, and I have a habit of creating small photo shoots every time we meet," she told the publication. "I enjoy this, because it's everything I love at once: it's creative, it makes you think … it's fashion," he shared.

Kate Moss's daughter has had a great personality since she was a child

Lila Grace Moss Hack is a special woman, and nobody recognizes her more than the famous fashion designer Marc Jacobs. Kate Moss, one of several supermodels who accidentally found fameShe has always been a muse to Jacobs, and when Moss Hack was born, she became an instant family.

Jacobs has spoken about his special bond with Moss Hack and, in October 2018, he took Instagram with a special message about her He explained that he met a young Lila Moss Hack ten years earlier in 2008. He was on vacation in Ibiza at the time and met Moss in Formentera for a day. "At just 6 years old, Lila's strong character, demeanor and great beauty were already very evident," Jacobs said.

He continued: "The next time I saw Lila was in August 2011 at Kate's wedding, her character was even more dynamic and her beauty even greater." The designer praised Kate Moss' daughter for her "beauty, composure, patience, and friendliness."

Kate Moss's daughter had a relatively normal upbringing with a strict mother

It may be almost impossible for the daughter of one of the world's greatest supermodels to have a normal education, but Lila Grace Moss Hack's parents went out of their way to do that.

In an interview with Goalie In the magazine, Kate Moss explained why it was important to her and her ex to keep her son punished and give him a typical education. Like many mothers, Moss has kept her daughter to fairly strict standards. Regarding her relationship with her godchildren and her daughter, Moss revealed: "I am really strict, but I think they like it a lot. Lila says that I am stricter than other parents."

However, Moss admitted that being strict helped her daughter at school, since Moss never had to bother her son to do homework. "No (scolding), because she knows it, she does it alone," explained the supermodel. Further developing his parenting style, Moss shared that he is not afraid to use "fear" tactics when it comes to establishing the law.

Considering how Lila Grace Moss Hack has grown and matured, we would say that this parenting style worked well and Kate Moss's daughter benefited from it.

Kate Moss's daughter interviewed this famous model when she was a young teenager

At 13, Lila Grace Moss Hack probably had a dream come true when she was offered the opportunity to interview a certain supermodel for her father's magazine. Along with her best friend Stella Jones, the daughter of Kate Moss interviewed his idol, nothing less than Gigi hadid, for Stunned.

Moss Hack spent an afternoon in London with older sister Hadid, asking him questions like, "How old was he when he had his first kiss?" and "What's the craziest thing you've been asked to do for a photo shoot?" Then Moss Hack hit Hadid with some forceful questions. She asked, for example, if Hadid felt she had to be a role model for young women who admired her. In response, Hadid shared words of wisdom, saying, "I think the most important thing is for people to be genuine and not pretend to be someone they are not. Because people who admire them want to know that." the person they are asking for advice is genuinely living those things and knows the right way to guide them. "

And given Hadid's influence, we would assume that those words stuck with Moss Hack.

Kate Moss's daughter began to follow in her mother's footsteps.

It was only a matter of time before Kate Moss's daughter set her sights on a modeling career and, by 2018, she had established a place in the fashion world. In an interview with Seduce In the magazine, Lila Grace Moss Hack revealed how she caught the modeling mistake and why she decided to get behind the camera.

"I loved going to see her in photo shoots," she explained, referring to the countless times she tagged her model mother. "I think because I have seen him since he was so young he has always been an interest."

But eventually, after years of accompanying his mother, Moss Hack gave modeling a chance and got hooked. "When I did my first modeling session, I thought, yes, I enjoyed it. I want to do more," she said. The year on Seduce The interview took place, she got a great concert with Marc Jacobs and, in a full circle moment, her mother called to inform her daughter of the exciting news. Soon enough, it was Moss who was supporting her daughter for a great photo shoot.

Lila Grace Moss Hack, the daughter of Kate Moss, got her first big campaign as a teenager

While Lila Grace Moss Hack had spent countless days on set with her mother growing up, it wasn't until she was a teenager that she got her own campaign. Your first big concert? Modeled for London company The Braid Bar.

The 14-year-old was announced as the newest face of the UK hair brand in May 2017, and the photos from her shoot were more than impressive. Kate Moss's teenage daughter was seen rocking with super colorful braids and a minimalist makeup face alongside her friend Stella Jones, daughter of Mick Jones from The Clash. The brand shared a snapshot of the two girls to Instagram, announcing them as their official "#braidbaes".

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That said, although the Braid Bar association marked the first official Moss Hack campaign, Kate Moss's daughter was not exactly a stranger to the camera.

Kate Moss's daughter signed with this prestigious modeling agency

As much as Lila Grace Moss Hack tried to distance herself from her mother's shadow, it only made sense that they would eventually work together. Kate Moss owns her own talent agency and in October 2018 Moss Hack signed with her at age 16 (via Afternoon standard)

With the likes of a singer Rita prays Y game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie, as well as Ella Richards and Stella Jones, also signed to the agencyKate Moss's daughter was in good company. When Moss first announced the launch of his agency, he revealed what he was looking for in new clients. In a 2016 interview with Fashion businessShe explained that she was looking for stars with multiple talents. "You know that movie Gia? Faye Dunaway plays the agent. Could do it! "Moss said." But I want to focus more on managing people's careers than just (running) a modeling agency. "

In the post, Moss further noted, "I really don't want pretty people, I want people who want to sing, dance and act, I want to create stars." Clearly, she thinks her daughter is a talented lady.

Kate Moss's daughter has stolen beauty tips from her mother and another famous star

Kate Moss is not only a fashion icon, she is a beauty icon too. Moss has been the face of countless hair care and cosmetic brands. So when it comes to your daughter's beauty tips and tricks, some are borrowed. Lila Grace Moss Hack has admitted that she has learned a few things from her mother when it comes to makeup.

"She tells me to always make (my makeup look) natural and she loves curling her lashes," said Moss Hack. Seduce magazine in an October 2018 interview. "Everyone is a little scared, but I do it every day because of her."

Another makeup mogul you pay close attention to? Kylie Jenner. Kate Moss's daughter went on to explain why she watches the lipstick queen's social media pages, noting that she likes to watch the TV star's Snapchat videos "when she does her makeup every day, because she does it. very closely and I like it. "

Lila Grace Moss Hack, the daughter of Kate Moss, has taught her mother a few things

Kate Moss has been infinitely inspired by her daughter, and while she has kept Lila Grace Moss Hack's life incredibly private, there have been many times the model has mentioned her in interviews. When talking to Harper's Bazaar In November 2018, Moss revealed how Moss Hack keeps her technologically smart and up-to-date on new trends.

"She teaches me everything," Moss admitted. "Lila and her friends follow all the beauty blogs and Instagram accounts, and she says, 'Mom, you have to try this, it's amazing what they can do now.' Moss went on to explain that, while she doesn't know much about contouring, her teenage daughter is basically an expert. She shared, "She does all that contouring and stuff, which I'm sure they do to me when I'm at work."

Moss also doesn't follow the beauty industry as closely as his teenage daughter. "I love beauty products more than ever, as you get older, you have more to hide, but I'm not obsessed," she added. Kate Moss's daughter seems to have a particular interest in the world of beauty.

Kate Moss's daughter got some major magazine covers

Before becoming an adult, Lila Grace Moss Hack had already graced the cover of a small magazine called fashion. Moss Hack and his mother surprised on the cover of Vogue Italy in June 2016, posing for a black and white profile photo. Sure, it was a joint cover with her famous mother, but she set the stage for more magazine covers to come.

Two years later, Kate Moss's daughter got a solo cover when she posed for Stunned Winter 2018 magazine issue. Her father is the co-founder of the magazine, so it was only a matter of time until Moss Hack appeared on the cover, and she looked absolutely gorgeous as she did. Designed by her godmother Katy England and photographed by Tim Walker, Moss Hack was photographed in a strapless black dress that featured a huge polka dot bow and a large black veil covering her face. The moment, according StunnedIt was "sixteen years in the making".

Kate Moss' daughter had an epic 16th birthday

When you're the daughter of a famous mega supermodel, birthdays are probably a little sweeter than most. When Kate Moss's daughter turned 16 in 2018, it was the sweetest day of all. However, it was also surprisingly unobtrusive and actually quite normal.

Lila Grace Moss Hack spent the day with her mother, her best friend Iris Law, and Law's mother, Sadie Frost. Your activity of choice? A day of sailing in the sun. In photos of the day, shared by W magazine, women were seen consuming large amounts of Nutella, which only made Moss Hack seem more realistic than ever.

Of course, his family documented his birthday antics and the godmother of Moss Hack. written the best message about her goddaughter on Instagram. "The kindest and most charming (goddaughter) I could ask for. We have all shared so many wonderful family moments," she wrote in the caption.

Kate Moss' daughter attended this royalty's wedding and looked stunning

Lila Grace Moss Hack was one of the lucky guests of the wedding of Princess eugenia and Jack Brooksbank on October 12, 2018. When the couple married in St George's Chapel in WindsorA-list guests attended, including Kate Moss and her daughter. Other notable guests included Naomi Campbell and Demi Moore, how Persons reported.

It was a truly memorable moment for Moss Hack, who doesn't always appear in public with his mother. At the wedding, the teenager wore a pastel pink dress and matching floral headband. Kate Moss's daughter threw a black fur jacket over her appearance and was photographed entering the church with her mother, as noted. Harper's Bazaar. Meanwhile, Moss was wearing a number of black and white polka dots.

The mother-daughter duo was not previously announced as wedding guests, making it a huge surprise for fans to see them enter the chapel that day. According to Persons, Moss and Eugenie's mother, Sarah Ferguson, had been connected through Naomi Campbell's Fashion for Relief charity shows.

Kate Moss's daughter has sat in the front row with the modeling elite

These days, Lila Grace Moss Hack is no longer hiding from the public eye, and has actually been seen sitting front and center at various fashion shows. When the Longchamp Spring / Summer 2020 show opened in New York, Moss Hack was proudly sitting there among the most stylish guests of the night, including other models. Kendall Jenner and Coco Rocha. As reported by fashion, actually flew alone at night before returning to school on Monday.

Then in an interview with fashionKate Moss' daughter further explained why supporting the Longchamp brand was so important to her. "I have grown with the brand," he explained before the presentation began. "It makes me feel confident, and it's always elegant." Moss Hack added that she appreciates Longchamp as a brand that she and her mother can wear together. "I feel like it fits all ages," he added.

That said, Longchamp was not Moss Hack's first rodeo on the track. She has also been seen sitting in the front row to events for Dior and TopShop.



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