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kareena kapoor shares photo of saif ali khan taimur playing with her second son hides face of little one


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Fans are eager to get a glimpse of Kareena Kapoor’s younger son. On social media, they keep requesting him to post a picture of his son. Now for the fans, Kareena has shared a picture of her younger one in which Taimur and Saif Ali Khan are also seen.

Saif-Timur was seen playing with the little guest

In the picture, Kareena-Saif’s ladla is lying and Saif is adoring her with Taimur. Both are busy playing with the little guest. However, Kareena has not shown the appearance of the son. The actress wrote in the caption with the picture- ‘This looks like my weekend … How is yours …?

Randhir Kapoor’s photo was discussed

Recently, a picture of a child had gone viral from Kareena’s father Randhir Kapoor’s account. He posted a collage of two pictures and was deleted. It was discussed that this is a picture of Kareena and Saif’s younger son.

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Sharmila Tagore has not yet seen the appearance of grandson

Soha Ali Khan, Malaika Arora, Sara Ali Khan, Karan Johar, Arjun Kapoor and Amrita Arora had arrived to see Kareena-Saif’s child. However, Kareena’s mother-in-law and veteran actress Sharmila Tagore is yet to see her grandson. Kareena had revealed this in the past. Actually Sharmila is living in Delhi and due to Corona she has not come to Mumbai yet.


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