Kapil Sharma asked the doctor about the experience of the first operation, got such an answer that even Comedy King missed the laughter

Kapil Sharma got such an answer from the doctor.

Special things

  • Kapil Sharma asked the doctor about the experience of the first operation
  • Laughter got such an answer from the doctor
  • The video of The Kapil Sharma Show went viral

new Delhi:

Comedy King Kapil Sharma’s show is a big hit every week. Kapil Sharma and the rest of the cast make a big splash with the guests who came on the show. The special thing is that this time Kapil Sharma’s show will be welcomed along with his team along with the Frontline Warriors i.e., Dr. Mufpajal Lakdawala and Dr. Gautam Bhansali. Some videos and photos related to this are also becoming very viral on social media, which fans are also very fond of. After coming to ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, the doctors have also shared some funny stories related to their lives.

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A video related to ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ has caught everyone’s attention. In this, Bharti Singh asks the doctors present there, that you also get the people off their liquor. On this, Kapil Sharma said that we get rid of him. That’s when Bharti Singh asks the question, “Tell me where to get the alcohol out of it.” Hearing Bharti’s words, both doctors laugh and laugh. At the same time, in the second video, Kapil Sharma asks the doctor about the experience of his first operation. On this, the doctor said, “The patient had memorized so many gods that just save from this doctor.”

On this question of Kapil Sharma, Dr. Gautam Bhansali says, “The patient said that this is my first operation, the doctor said that this is also my first operation.” Kapil Sharma told in his show that Dr. Gautam Bhansali had not taken any fee from the Kovid patients during his treatment. Let me tell you that along with the doctors in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, their team was also received with applause. There is a lot of excitement about this episode from Frontline Warriors, as well as people are eagerly waiting for it to air on Saturday.

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