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kangana ranaut bought earthen jug from mp tells benefits of drinking water in it


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Kangana Ranaut is very active on social media. She makes frank statements on any issue. At the same time, she also shares posts related to her routine, catering and family. In the past, there was a ruckus on his smoothie post. Now he has posted a picture of a jug. Special water recipe is also mentioned in it.

Clay jug brought from MP
Kangana Ranaut has posted a picture of the clay jug on her Twitter account. It is written with this, this clay jug was mixed with MP, I cut some peaches and put them in it, I drink water rich in this antioxidant, it is slightly sweet and cool. It tastes very good, try it with cucumbers and lemons as well.It is recommended to drink it in Ayurveda especially those who have problems of bile.

There was a ruckus on Smoothi’s picture
Kangana Ranaut had posted a picture of a smoothie ball in the past. He wrote, I don’t like anything more than myself, here is my personal recipe. It is a smoothie for a summer break, with lots of honey, nuts and fruits. This post of Kangana had been very much discussed, people were trolling them by saying that this picture was downloaded from Google.

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Kangana fans are waiting for these films
Talking on the work front, Kangana has completed the shooting of ‘Thalivee’. His work is in progress on the films ‘Dhakad’ and ‘Tejas’. She also shares updates related to her shooting on social media.


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