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Juno Star Elliot Page Revealed As Transgender Insta Post Went Viral – Elliot Page poses as transgender, Insta post went viral


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new Delhi. Hollywood actor Elliot Page Elliot Page has played many types of roles in films. Recently he got a new look. Elliot Page, star and Oscar nominated actor of ‘Juno’, ‘Inception’ and ‘The Umbrella Academy’, came to the world as a transgender via social media. He has revealed this by writing a long post on his Instagram account. In which he has described himself as a transgender.

I am a transgender
Page wrote in one of her insta posts, ‘Hello guys, I want to share something with you that I am a transgender. I am very happy to write this. I also want to express my gratitude to those who supported me in this journey. Page, a 33-year-old actor from Nova Scotia, said his decision to come out as a trans, including his maiden name. He further wrote, ‘This has become possible after a long journey and a lot of support from the LGBTQ community. I am inspired by a lot of people in the trans community. Thank you for your courage and your generosity to make this world a more inclusive and compassionate place. ‘

It is being praised fiercely
The Insta post of the page is now going viral on social media. Elliott Page has been praised by many Hollywood stars since his revelations. Famous American director James Gun praised her on social media and wrote, ‘Elliot, I love you very much. I am proud of you.’ At the same time, famous comedian Ellen Degeneres has also praised her. He wrote, Lots of love to your dear friend Elliot, your strength, inspiration and honesty has inspired me a lot. ‘

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Pregnant teenager played the character in ‘Juno’
Actor Page has often worked to bring the lives of LGBTQ-lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender characters to the screen. Which also includes the 2015 film ‘Freeheld’. Elliott Page was formerly known as Ellen Page. She played a pregnant teenager in the 2007 film Jason Reitman’s Juno, for which she was nominated for an Oscar.