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jump straight into a game without starting the game


A future feature of the PlayStation 5 has unintentionally made its appearance on the Internet. Entitled “Activities”, it would give the player the possibility of loading a specific mission or mode of a game to get there directly from the interface.

PS5 design

The PlayStation 5 // Source: Sony

Speed ​​seems to be the watchword of the next generation of home consoles that promise to do almost anything with the snap of a finger. Loading, downloading, power, possibilities… Both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X promise great things to gamers. But we still see very little to achieve it.

So we have to rely on the leaks or the balls to see what Sony and Microsoft are still dragging their feet to show us. This time, it is a function of the PS5 called “Activities” (Activities in English) which appeared in the article for getting started with the racing game. WRC 9 published on the site GameReactor. The text has since been deleted, but other media have had time to screenshot it or archive it.

Sony does not want the player to waste time

We learn that the Activities option would allow players to instantly load certain parts of a game. In the case of WR9, this gave the possibility of launching a specific race from the console menu. This is not the first time that this possibility has been linked to the PS5. Interviewed at the end of 2019, Mark Cerny, the man behind the machine, had himself put forward the idea.

The WRC 9 game

Even though it will be faster to start the games, we don’t want the player to have to launch it, wait, get to the menu, start and see what happens. », He explained to Wired. ” The multiplayer game servers will provide the console with the set of activities that can be joined in real time, the missions to be done and the rewards that can be obtained by completing them. All of this will be visible from the user interface. And the player will be able to go directly into whatever he wants.

All the possibilities from the home menu

This therefore means that the player could decide from the home interface of the console without having to launch the game and therefore waste time. An opportunity to immediately join a multiplayer game with one click, pick up a game or mission exactly where you left off without waiting for the title to download. The home menu would then group together more possibilities and functions than simply displaying your game library, your list of friends, the store, etc.

And this “Activities” function also echoes a patent published last spring in which Sony presented “dynamic interfaces for direct game launch “. We discover the possibility of displaying multiple loading paths allowing players to reach specific game activities. The PS5’s M2 SSD could therefore do much more ambitious things than avoid long download times or quickly launch the games.

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