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Julie Yaegar : popular Publicist and producer, wife of popular Hollywood Actor, Paul Radd


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Julie Yaegar

Wife of popular Hollywood Actor, Paul Rudd, Julie, is famous American producer and publicist of Hollywood. The iconic American publicist, is best known for her works in movies like, Mr. Jealousy and Menin Black.

Startup of Career

‘Bellas event planning’ was her first initiative internship towards her smooth career. Later, she was offered the position of digital media coordinator. The famous producer, also worked in movies like, Mr. Jealousy and Menin Black, which gives her fame.


Famous American producer and publicist, started hogging the limelight, just after marrying the versatile actor of Hollywood industry, Paul Raud. This beautiful couple is regarded as, most successful couple of Hollywood.

How meet up takes place??

Famous Bollywood actor, Paul Rudd, was advised to move to New York, by film Director, Amy, after success of his romantic comedy film. Due to running late, Paul, reach the publicist office along with his luggage, Julie, was also working in a publicist office those days , so she helped Paul Rudd, famous Bollywood actor, drop off his luggage at her friend’s place, as Paul was new there and don’t know anyone else there. Soon friendship blossomed and Paul, invited her to lunch, friendship keeps on strenghting, day by day.

When Julie Ties the Knott??

The amazing actor of Hollywood industry, Paul Rudd, and famous publicist and producer of America, ties the Knott on February 23, 2003, after dating for 8 years continuously.

This beautiful and popular couple, are parents of Two children, and spending their life happily. This, beautiful couple is very secretive about their personal life, don’t talk much about their personal life in front of camera.

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Dedicated Charity Worker

The popular publicist and producer, Julie Yaegar, wife of famous Hollywood actor, Paul, is associated with several charity organizations and dedicate most of her time in doing charity works. She loves to work for the needy peoples. She is also a good and loving mother, loves to spend her time with her children.

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