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It is whispered that The Thing will have the right to a new adaptation. John Carpenter himself has teased a possible movie. Indeed, during a masterclass as part of the Fantasia International Film Festival, the director unveiled the possibility of a new film with Blumhouse Productions.

The Thing, a horror film from the 1980s, tells us the story of a group of researchers in the heart of Antarctica who discovered a body buried for nearly 100,000 years. However, the creature awakens, and takes the form of party members. A sci-fi horror film adapted from the novel “Beast from Another World” by John W. Campbell.

Of course, this is not the film by John Carpenter is not the first adaptation, since in 1951 the public was able to discover The thing from another world. Then, The Thing of 2011. Also, John Carpenter’s plan to bring The Thing back to life isn’t all that new. Indeed, in January 2020, he said to himself thatUniversal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions work on the adaptation of the new Frozen Hell.

John Carpenter’s words restart the whole machine. Indeed, the director said:
” I think that [Jason Blum, producteur de cinéma] will work on The Thing. Restart The Thing. I might be involved in this. Perhaps. Later. ”

Could this be the famous adaptation of Frozen Hell about which John Carpenter speaks?

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