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Joe Bidens Aide and congressman Cedric Richmond tested positive for Covid-19 – US MP who attended the program along with Biden became Corona


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Corona (symbolic photo) turned out to be close to Biden


Cedric Richmond, a close aide of US newly elected President Joe Biden and an upcoming adviser, has been found infected with a coronavirus. The Transition Team said on Thursday that Richmond has been found to be Corona positive after an open conversation with Biden. However, Biden’s corona test has been reported to be negative. America is the country most affected by the Corona epidemic. Preparations are being made to give Corona vaccine to people in America.

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US lawmakers went to Georgia independently to attend an event with Richmond Biden and some Democratic leaders. Transition team spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield said, “Richmond had an open discussion with the newly elected president. Both men wore masks and the discussion took less than 15 minutes.

He said Richmond was not in close contact with Biden and Democratic candidates Joan Ossoff and Rafal Warnock. Richmond will hold the position of director of the Office of Public Engagement in the White House.


Biden’s team said that the report of Biden’s Corona investigation came negative on Thursday. According to Beddingfield, symptoms of corona appeared in Richmond on Wednesday, after which he was tested and found to be infected.

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