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Jeevaputrika vrat: Jiutia fast will begin on Saptami with Nahay-Khay Parana will be on Navami date


Jeevanaputrika vow is the people pageant that fulfills the desires of kids for security, well being, longevity and prosperity. On the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month, Jeevaputrika is fasted. This quick is on 10 September Thursday. Women observe this quick to save lots of their kids from struggling and fulfill their long-cherished wishes. This quick is well known. In some locations additionally it is often called Jitiya or Jiutia Vrat.

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There are many mythological tales of the quick – there’s a legend in it that when the Mahabharata conflict befell, an elephant named Ashwatthama was killed. But information unfold that Ashwatthama was killed. Hearing this, Ashwatthama’s father Dronacharya laid down his arms in mourning. Then Draupadi’s brother Dhrishtadyumna killed him. Due to this, Ashwatthama, as a Pandava, killed his 5 sons within the darkness of the night time for vengeance. Due to this the Pandavas received very offended, then Lord Krishna took away his gem from Ashwatthama. After which Ashwatthama turned offended with the Pandavas and used Brahmastra to kill the kid born in Uttara’s womb. Lord Krishna was properly conscious that it’s not possible to cease Brahmastra. Therefore, Lord Krishna collected the fruits of all his virtues and gave them to the kid rising within the womb of Uttara. As a end result, the child rising within the womb was revived, which grew as much as develop into King Parikshit. Due to Uttara’s youngster being alive once more, this quick received the title of Jeevaputrika Vrat. Since then, Jeevanputrika is fasted for the lengthy life and well being of the kid. A second story can be informed of King Jemutavahana.

Jivitputrika Vrat 2020 Date: This date is Jiutia quick, that is the significance of this quick
This quick begins from the seventh day of the Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month until the Navami. The starting of the quick begins with the eclipse of Saptami Tithi, which is known as Nahay-Khay within the lingua franca, and on the Ashtami day, after observing fasting for the entire day, Navami Tithi is then celebrated with the identical sattvic meals.
Goddess Parvati is worshiped within the quick. There can be a legislation to worship his son Gajanan. It is believed that the moms who worship Mata Parvati, Ganesh ji and Jemutavahana with true devotion, by no means face any hindrance to their offspring and so they reside lengthy and wholesome.


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