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Jane Austen’s novels to be adapted into contemporary anthology series


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The six novels by Jane Austen are going to be adapted in series. Produced by The CW, Modern Austen is expected to bring the British author’s novels to the present day.

Jane Austen is known to have written, among other things, Pride and prejudices. But she is also the fine pen of Reason and Feelings, Emma, ​​Mansflied Park, etc. combining humor and social criticism. If adaptations of Jane Austen’s novels are not uncommon, the idea of ​​transposing her novels to our time seems more than daring!

It is therefore the American channel The CW which will launch into the production of the series Modern Austen. As the name of the series suggests, it should be about a current adaptation of the author’s stories, with each season addressing a distinct story of the author. Moreover, the first season should be the adaptation ofPride and Prejudice in today’s San Franscisco. Each of the seasons should take up one of the author’s six great novels.

Additionally, the series will be written and directed by Eleanor Burgess (Perry mason), it will be produced by Warner Bros. and Homegrown Pictures. Yes Pride and Prejudice has been the subject of numerous adaptations in series and in the cinema, this new adaptation could appeal as much as displease.

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