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Iulia vantur video chameleon sitting on her shoulder salman khan farm house

यूलिया वंतूर ने कंधे पर बैठाया गिरगिट, बोलीं- डरावने तो लगते हैं, लेकिन...देखें Video
Yulia Vantur made the chameleon sit on her shoulder, said - sounds scary, but ... See Video

Yulia Vantur’s video goes viral

new Delhi:

These days Salman Khan is spending time with some family members at the farm house in Panvel. Along with him, his special friend Yulia Vantur is also present there. Many videos of both of them are viral from the farm house itself. A video of Yulia Vantur is again going viral on social media. In this video, she is seen sitting the chameleon on her shoulder. Yulia Vantur has shared this video on her official Instagram account, which her fans are very fond of.

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Iulia Vantur shared this video and wrote in the caption: “I am learning to live with nature and its different species. Chameleons seem dangerous and scary, but maybe they fear us too. The colors change according to emotions and mood. When he is afraid or angry, he shows the dark side and when he feels happy and safe, he shows green color. ” This video of Yulia Vantur has received thousands of views.

Let me tell you, singer and actress Yulia Vantur is very active on social media. Recently, he shared another video on Instagram, in this video, Yulia was seen catching fish with the villagers. This video of Yulia Vantur, a special friend of Salman Khan, was also liked by the fans. Recently, a video of Yulia Vantur and Salman Khan was revealed, both of which were seen cleaning the farm house.


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