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it will be impossible to buy it in store the day of the release


Due to the risks posed by Covid-19, Sony is warning that no sale of PlayStation 5 will take place physically in stores on November 19. The consoles will be available for purchase only online. Pre-ordered PS5s are not however affected by this measure.

The PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 // Source: Sony

If you’ve been planning on going to a store to buy your PlayStation 5 on November 19, you’ll need to revisit your plans. Sony warns that the day of the release of its console next gen, no model will be physically available on merchant shelves. PS5 sales ” will be done online only “.

We are confirming today that sales on release day, November 19, will be made through our partner’s online stores to ensure the safety of our players, resellers and employees during Covid-19.

To support its point, the company invites players to “ do not camp or queue in front [leur] usual store in the hope of buying a PS5 on release day “. Note also that no date of physical availability of consoles in stores is announced.

However, the company does not give details on the days following the release date. However, Sony had previously warned its users that the PS5 would be difficult to find on November 19 due to high demand.

Pre-orders are not affected

If you have already pre-ordered the PS5, rest assured, you are not affected by this measure and you can pick up your console in store ” in compliance with security protocols “.

It should be remembered in passing that some brands have taken special measures to return the pre-ordered PlayStation 5 to their owner to limit the risk of Covid-19 transmissions. Take the time to find out from the merchant.

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France in confinement

In this regard, no need to recall that France is currently experiencing a second confinement. On paper, this Sony measure should not normally upset the program of potential customers and businesses.

In view of the strong interest aroused by the PS5, one can imagine, however, that the firm wanted to make sure not to unconsciously promote dangerous behavior and travel.

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