Indonesia’s YouTuber Veena Fan has once again recreated Bollywood songs. This time he has recreated the song ‘Jara Sa Jhoom Loon Main’ from Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol’s film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Shahrukh Khan himself retweeted this song and thanked him.

Shahrukh wrote in retweet, “It’s so cute, thank you very much”. After watching this, Shahrukh’s fans are not able to live without praise. One fan wrote, “Wow! How beautiful it is made ”. The other fan wrote, “Very beautiful”. Another wrote, “It is made just like your song”. The video has been watched by over 3 lakh people so far.

Veena Fan and her colleague have done exactly the same dance as Kajol and Shah Rukh did in the film. They have tried to match from outfits to locations. This video is rocking the internet. The video became popular when Veena’s friend Suchi shared it on Twitter tagging Shahrukh Khan.

Let me tell you, Veena is a famous YouTuber of Indonesia. He has also recreated many Bollywood songs in the past. Earlier, he had recreated the song ‘Sun Saathiya’ from the film ‘ABCD’.

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