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Interpol Warns Coronavirus Contaminated Letters Could Be Threat for Political Figures – Interpol warnings, Corona infected letter being sent to target leaders


Interpol warns about Corona infected letter. (File photo)

new Delhi:

Coronavirus has caused uproar in more than 180 countries around the world. Now a big conspiracy has been revealed about this. Enemies are using COVID-19 against the world’s leaders and celebrities. Interpol has warned the major agencies of all countries to be vigilant with such letters, which may be infected with Corona. Such infected letters can be sent to target global leaders.

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Interpol has warned many countries, including India, to be cautious in their new guidelines. Interpol said that there have been some cases where Corona infected letters have been sent to politicians. Corona infected letter can also be used on other groups. However, Interpol has not mentioned the name of any such leader, who has been sent an infected letter. Interpol said that some people are also selling infected samples online.

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Interpol said that those who are deployed under the protection of politicians or celebrities, they need to be more vigilant. At the same time, the postal department also needs to be alert from this biological attack. Interpol has said in its guidelines that there have been cases when police officers, doctors, health workers and people connected with essential services were deliberately spit. This may increase the risk of people getting infected with corona.

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It is also said in the guidelines that efforts are being made to spread the infection by spitting on the floor or coughing on one’s mouth or object. Interpol has also asked the relevant departments to be careful about cyber attack.


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