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Interesting things about the world’s largest ocean, which you would hardly know!


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You must be aware that there are five oceans in the world, covering 71 percent of the earth with its water, but do you know which is the world’s largest ocean? It is the Pacific Ocean, the largest and deepest ocean in the world. You hardly know that the world’s largest ocean separates America and Asia. The Pacific Ocean has an area of ​​6,36,34,000 square miles, more than double the Atlantic Ocean, the world’s second-largest ocean.

The Pacific Ocean is 9,455 miles wide from the Philippines coast to Panama and 10,492 miles long from the Bering Strait to South Antarctica. However, its northern edge is connected to the Arctic Sea by just 36 miles of Bering Strait. Due to its spread over such a large area, there is a large variation in the living of the inhabitants, vegetation, animals, and humans compared to the seas of other parts of the earth.

The average depth of the Pacific Ocean is about 14,000 feet and the maximum depth is about 36,201 feet. There is a big difference between its eastern and western edges. The range of mountains on the eastern shore is broad or the sea plains are very narrow, while on the opposite side there are no mountains but many islands, creeks, peninsulas, and deltas. You will be surprised to know that on this shore big rivers of the world fall into it.

The shape of the Pacific Ocean is triangular. Its top is on the Bering Strait, which is the shape of a horse’s hoof. Jowar Bhatta is the main feature here. The surface of this ocean, mainly to the west, is littered with many large long trenches, of which the Mariana Trench (trough) is prominent. It is the deepest oceanic trough in the world, with a depth of 10,994 meters, or 36,070 feet.

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After all, how this ocean was formed, has not been known to date. Although many geologists wanted to find out how this ocean was formed initially, they could not come up with any accepted theory. In such a situation, it can be called mysterious.

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