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Indonesian Man Became A Millionaire Overnight After A Meteor Crashed Through His Roof


Meteorite crashed on roof of house, man became millionaire overnight

In Indonesia, a meteorite crashed and fell on a person’s roof (Meteorite Crashes In Roof), then the man became an overnight millionaire. Joshua Hutagalung, 33, is a coffin builder from Sumatra, who recently became astronomically rich after selling a meteorite for over 1 million pounds (about Rs 9.8 crore). Hutagalung was working outside his home in August. Then a 2.1 kg space rock fell on the tin roof of his house.

He told the news outlet Compass at the time, ‘At that time the tin roof of the house was broken. The sound was so loud that even parts of the house were shaking. After searching, I noticed that the tin roof of the house has been broken. When I picked it up, the stone was still hot at that time. He shared photos of the meteorite on Facebook, where he generated interest.

According to the Independent, the meteorite is Carbonius chondrite – an extremely rare variety, estimated to be 4.5 billion years old. It is reportedly priced at around 645 pounds (about 63 thousand rupees) per gram.

Joshua Hutagalung has now sold the rock to a specialist collector in the USA – Jared Collins. Collins reportedly sold it again to collector JP Patek, who has stored it in liquid nitrogen at Arizona State University’s Center for Meteorite Studies.


Hutagalung did not disclose the exact amount paid for the rare rock, which has magnetic properties. However, he indicated that the amount was over £ 1 million.

From the money he received – his salary is estimated to be 30 years – he plans to build a new church in his village.

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