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Indian-Fijian woman Monika Chetty death still mystery, Australia Govt announced 500,000-dollar reward – mystery of Indian-Fiji nurse Monica’s death not revealed even after 6 years, helpers to get $ 5 lakh


Investigation is still going on in the mysterious death of a female nurse


Australian investigators are yet to solve the mysterious death of Indian-Fiji woman Monica Chetty in 2014. Investigators are still waiting for a big clue. A senior official said this on Friday. The Government of New South Wales had recently announced a huge reward of $ 5 lakhs for providing information to resolve this matter. Even after this, no information has yet been found regarding the death of Monica Chetty.

In January 2014, Monica Chetty was found alive in the bushland of West Haxton, about 40 km from the West of Sydney. Some 5 to 10 days later, he was burnt with acid. He died in hospital after about a month.

A spokesman for the New South Wales Police said today that investigations are underway and no arrests have been made in the case so far. The spokesperson has confirmed that a legal investigation is going on in the next one or two weeks regarding the death of the nurse.

Announcing a bounty of 5 million Australian dollars to informers in the case, Police and Emergency Services Minister David Elliott earlier this month said the announcement of the reward was an important announcement in the death of Monica Chetty, leading investigators Hope to get information.


He said that it has been more than 6 years since the suspicious death of Monica Chetty. This incident shook the entire community and we all want to know how this crime happened.

Video: National Reporter: How to solve the mystery of 11 deaths

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