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Indian army soldier celebrate birthday cutting cake video goes viral

बर्फ के बीच जवान ने इस खास अंदाज में किया बर्थडे सेलिब्रेट, Video देख आंखों से छलक जाएंगे आंसू
Amidst the snow, the jawan celebrates the birthday in this special way, watching the video will tear away from the eyes

Celebrate birthday in this special style amid snow

On social media these days, the video of army personnel standing in the middle of snow is becoming very fast. Let me tell you that IPS Pankaj Nain has shared this video from his Twitter handle on June 29. Also, he wrote in the caption, suppressed every wish in the heart, every worry fires in smoke. May your anniversary be happy with your anniversary, just for the sake of this .. Some special days of some sons of this Mother India, go out on the borders.

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In this viral video you can see that three Indian soldiers are standing in the middle of the snow. A young man cuts a cake made of ice on which Babu is written. The young men are seen feeding each other to cut the ice kate. Not only this, the three young men are seen singing a song of birthday by cutting and feeding each other Kate. After watching this video, you will be emotional for a moment because despite having no cake, these three young men are seen celebrating their birthday with so much love.

So far, more than 7 thousand views have been viewed on this video. At the same time, this video has received more than 300 retweet and more than 1 thousand likes. Not only this, various types of comments are also coming on this video. Everyone is praising Ish Jawan a lot.


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