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In spite of the victories, Lionel Messi lost pie in the table of scorers of the eliminators


Lucha for being the maximum historical artillery of the South American Eliminatories is alive red. But all of the great friends that join them, Luis Suárez and Lionel Messi do not give up on the skin for falling over the board. For the time being, the Uruguayan side only distinguishes on the second round of the World Tour of Qatar 2022: Lucho conviction of the penalties in the defeat of Uruguay before Ecuador in Quito, lying that Leo in the contribution in the historic triumph of the Argentine Selection in La Paz against Bolivia.

If Suárez marched from Ecuador with a lot of scolding for having suffered a hard fall as a visitor, he was less able to position himself, even at the moment, as the top scorer of the tournament since he was the winner. 24 so many and, in this way, le bagos de ventaja al argentino (short 22).

This first double closes to Eliminatorias, the captain of the set plow culmination of its participation with three annotations. It is curious that all of them were penalized (except for those mentioned against Ecuador, in other words, against Chile). However, Messi also took notes from 12 steps against those directed by Gustavo Alfaro.

Also, the brilliant attacker of Atletico Madrid continues to increase his personal numbers with his selection, since he has scored 62 as many with Celeste, 12 more than Edinson Cavani.

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