Home News In Maharashtra 103-year-old man beat Corona treatment lasts for a month

In Maharashtra 103-year-old man beat Corona treatment lasts for a month

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103-year-old man beat Corona in Maharashtra, treatment lasts for a month

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In Maharashtra, a 103-year-old man was discharged from a hospital here on Monday after recovering from Kovid-19. The doctor treating him gave this information. Doctor Dr. Samit Sohoni said that the 85-year-old brother of a 103-year-old man is also recovering from the virus infection and he too will be discharged soon. Sohoni said that a resident of Siddheshwar Talao area was admitted to the hospital for Kovid-pneumonia a month ago.

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He told, “He was admitted in ICU for 20 days. She Infection He has been fully recovered and was discharged on Monday. “He said that this man’s grandson was also treated in the same hospital for Corona virus and was discharged after recovering. Let us know that on one side, thousands of people have died so far due to this virus in India.

But in many places, due to the efforts of doctors, patients of old age are also recovering. Recently, in Karnataka too, a 99-year-old woman beat her coronavirus and encouraged her family and medical fraternity. With the recovery of the elderly woman, a ray of hope was aroused for all the people suffering from this deadly disease. Marceline Saldanha was hit by the coronavirus after coming in contact with her grandson. He was admitted to the hospital on 18 June on his 99th birthday. The woman was taken to Victoria Hospital with her 70-year-old son Vincent, daughter-in-law Rita and grandson Vijay. Nine days later, his investigation report came back negative.

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