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In Bulgaria, the Prime Minister’s residence was bombarded with counterfeit banknotes | News from Germany about Europe | DW


In Bulgaria on Tuesday, July 28, continued protests demanding the resignation of the government Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. During these protests, activists pelted Borisov’s residence in Boyana with counterfeit 500 euro banknotes depicting the head of the Bulgarian government.

Thus, the protesters wanted to draw attention to the fact that the country has not yet conducted an investigation to verify the authenticity of the scandalous video posted on the Internet in June. The recording from Boyko Borisov’s bedroom shows that there is a pistol on the night table near the sleeping prime minister, and in the open drawer of the table there are packs of 500 euro bills and gold bars.

Protest against the destruction of nature in Bulgaria

Another group of demonstrators on the evening of July 28 threw green paintball balls at the Bulgarian Council of Ministers building. Thus, they wanted to protest against the destruction of nature in Bulgaria, which, according to the activists, is due to the actions of the government.

In Sofia, the protesters also marched past the representations of the European Commission and the European Parliament to draw the attention of European politicians to their demands, and blocked the central streets and important intersections.

Demands of protesters in Bulgaria

Among other things, the protesters, which have been going on in Bulgaria since July 9, demand resignation of the country’s attorney generalwho, in their opinion, does not deliberately initiate investigations against people associated with the government.

As for the Bulgarian government, it rules out the possibility of its own resignation due to the coronavirus pandemic. The next scheduled parliamentary elections are due to take place in Bulgaria in March 2021.

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