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Imran Khan praised China’s development model, said- We will adopt Chinese way to remove poverty


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Islamabad. Pakistan (Pakistan Economy) is facing many challenges. Due to the Corona crisis, Pakistan’s back has been broken by the deteriorating economy and rising inflation. Pakistan is burdened by the debt of its evergreen friend China. China has invested heavily in Pakistan.

Now Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has praised China’s economic policy. On Friday, Imran Khan said in a statement that the Pakistani government wants to learn from China’s industrial development to boost the country’s economic momentum.

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The biggest thing is that Imran Khan even said that the government of Pakistan will adopt the Chinese model to eradicate poverty from the country. Speaking on a program, Imran Khan said, “If we can learn from any country in the world, it is China. Its development model is most suitable for Pakistan.

Chinese model to be adopted to eradicate poverty from Pakistan: Imran Khan

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan said that we can learn a lot from the rapid development of China in the last 30 years. China has proved that poverty alleviation is the only real development.

He said that the way industrialization took place in China, the government created special export zones and attracted investment from abroad, then increased its exports which resulted in increasing China’s economic strength. Imran said that China used its economic wealth to alleviate poverty in the country. The way China has done is unprecedented in history.

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Therefore, the government of Pakistan will adopt all the models of China, so that poverty can be eradicated in the country. China announced last month that poverty had been eradicated in all counties of the world’s most populous country.

Imran Khan further said that our government has created special economic zones to attract sugar industries, so that they can export their products from Pakistan. “The new year will be a year of economic growth for Pakistan, as our exports are growing and we are moving in the right direction,” he said.

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