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“I’m not ashamed, ever”


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Today, he acknowledges having been inspired by other artists and assumes it.

This Sunday, the comedian was a guest on the show “Seven to eight” on TF1. In this interview, he returned to the accusations of plagiarism to which he was the subject in 2017, when he was on tour in the United States. The YouTuber CopyComic had revealed that Gad Elmaleh had copied other American artists. Charges from which the French comedian still suffers today.

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My dream was simple: I wanted to perform in English in front of an American audience who did not know who I was, alongside the greatest comedians who fascinated and inspired me. I dreamed of doing the greatest American talk shows”, He confides to journalist Audrey Crespo-Mara. To achieve this, Gad Elmaleh did not hesitate to take inspiration from other comedians and he admits it without beating around the bush. ” I used formulas from guys I liked, yes. I am not ashamed, ever. But it made me suffer. It got to me. The relentlessness exhausted and amazed me. Everything they say about you becomes horrible. We talk about you as a criminal », He laments.


Following these accusations, the comedian was the subject of persistent attacks on social networks and in particular on Youtube where Internet users had fun comparing his sketches to those who had imagined them at the start. ” We can stage it, stick bits and pieces in a very malicious, very dishonest way. I think that by making a montage, we can kill someone (…) The suffering does not only come from the headlines, it also comes from people who turn away from you. “A dark period which also allowed him to sort out those around him and to distance himself from” mediocre people who did not want his good. “

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If he does not regret anything, he nevertheless admits to having mismanaged this crisis by initially refuting the accusations. ” I handled it badly at first because I was fragile. I would have liked to have the strength to say at that moment ‘yes, I took two, three ideas of American comedians, but that I take you. I have thirty hours of shows behind me, I have had a whole career ‘ », He concluded.

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