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Hurry to buy gold for marriage it is cheaper now at Rs 9085 Corona pandemic may increase prices further


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Gold and silver prices are also increasing in the fast growing cases of Corona. People are once again turning to gold as a safe investment. The trend of investors is once again moving towards gold, gold ETFs and bonds. In the past week, the price of gold has gone up by Rs 723 per 10 grams. For those who have a wedding in their homes and have not yet bought the jewelry, then this news is a bit disturbing for them. However, gold is still cheaper than its all-time high at Rs 9085 per 10 grams and in view of the increasing cases of corona, its prices may touch the same as last year. Similarly, silver is also cheaper by Rs 7198 from last year’s high. Let us know that silver became expensive by Rs 1880 last week. On the other hand, if you talk about this year, gold has become cheaper by Rs 2954 in the last three and a half months whereas silver has become expensive by Rs 1427. The data is taken from the website of the India Bullions Jewelers Association

So far this month, gold and silver have been such a move

The date Gold price in the morning Rs. 10 per gram Evening rate of gold Rs 10 per gram Morning Price of Silver Rs. Per kg Evening price of silver Rs. Per kg
16 April 2021 46917 47169 68286 68810
15 April 2021 46706 46782 67953 68021
13 April 2021 46352 46506 66444 66903
12 April 2021 46375 46545 66854 67177
09 April 2021 46554 46446 67175 66930
08 April 2021 46152 46411 66905 67219
07 April 2021 45904 45929 66139 66032
06 April 2021 45421 45410 65600 65422
05 April 2021 45176 45259 64546 64962
01 April 2021 44917 44919 63634 63737
31 March 2021 44228 44190 62727 62862
31 December 2020 50123 50202 67282 67383
7 August 2020 56254 56126 76008 75013

Source: IBJA

Gold can reach Rs 50000

Ajay Kedia, director of Kedia Commodities, says that corona virus infection is increasing. Due to this uncertainty in the stock markets, real estate has also been battered. This round seems to be the safest gold for investors. Investors have moved towards gold, gold ETFs and bonds. This is the reason why gold rates are increasing. Last year, the rise in gold prices was due to lockdown, rising cases of corona, low interest rates, purchase of central banks etc. The situation is more or less the same this year. Interest rates are still low. The rupee is steadily weakening against the dollar. Another round of restrictions has started across the world, in which people are turning to gold once for safe investment. Due to this, gold can reach 50000 rupees by June.

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