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Hugh Grant compares the Covid to Harvey Weinstein and treats the Internet


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Positive for the coronavirus a few months ago, the British actor returned to his symptoms during an interview with Stephen Colbert. And made the Internet users laugh.

This is called knowing how to de-dramatize. Suffered from Covid-19 with his wife – Anna Elisabet Eberstein – last February, Hugh Grant told Stephen Colbert during his talk show on CBS how he went through this ordeal.

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And the 60-year-old actor was not lacking in humor to tell the story of the disease and its various symptoms: “It started with this very curious syndrome where I found myself sweating blood and water in a poncho. It was really unpleasant. Then my eyeballs tripled in size. I felt like a big man like Harvey Weinstein was sitting on my chest. ” Rather funny as a description.

And the actor not to stop there, telling the loss of taste and smell with always so much British humor: ” I started sniffing flowers, nothing, and then you get more and more desperate. I started sniffing in the trash cans and wanted to smell strangers’ armpits. I ended up going home and sprayed my face with my wife’s Chanel # 5 and still couldn’t smell a thing. But I went blind. “

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In all circumstances, the actor of Four weddings and a funeral decidedly keep its composure and its good valves, for our greatest pleasure.

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