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How to Get a Free Burger King Whopper

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How to Get a Free Burger King Whopper

Monday April 13 Burger King announced that the fast-food chain wanted to reward students who continue to diligently learn from home during the new coronavirus pandemic (through Fox News)

Every day until April 20, students will find academic questions on Burger King's social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Those who answer the question directly in the Burger King app will receive a promo code to get a free Whopper. The questions will come from a wide range of topics such as math, science, and literature. Getting a free Whopper could be the inspiration to get through those academic lessons even during quarantine.

There are quite a few restrictions for this promotion. One of the main drawbacks to getting a free Whopper this way is that the burger is only free with one purchase, so it's not exactly a free lunch.

Get a free Whopper

To get a free Burger King Whopper, there are several stipulations. In addition to correctly answering the question and needing to make a purchase to qualify the burger, the promotion includes other limitations. For example, only one promotion code is allowed per student (through USA Nowadays)

The stricter rules come into play regarding who can participate. Only registered users of the Burger King app who are 18 or older, as well as students ages 13-17 with parental permission, can answer questions to receive a coupon promo code. Not all Burger King locations are participating, and Hawaii and Alaska are also excluded.

According to USA Nowadays, the new coronavirus is affecting approximately 91 percent of students worldwide, representing nearly 1.5 billion students. Even if you're out of school, the fine print allows anyone over the age of 18 who's signed up for the app to send responses. Maybe it's time to brush up on those old high school and high school subjects.



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