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10 Practical Guide to Becoming a Better Writer


You must have thought several times how to improve our writing skills and become a better writer. Must have read numerous books to become a better writer. But still failed? Below are some steps which if you follow you can become a better writer easily.

The written word is the strongest source of power in the whole world. It’s been proven time and again, that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword. There is a writer in each one of us. However, some of us want to pursue it professionally and therefore we need to be better than the rest.

Here are some ways that will help you become a better writer

#1. Make writing a daily habit, it will make you a better writer


Practice makes perfect and so this is the most crucial thing you can do. Make writing a ritual in your life. Writing every day will help you in increasing your abilities as a writer as well as generating more content.  This helps you get your thoughts on paper and you can later edit them. Think of it as a journal.

#2. Reading often will make you a better writer


Read. It is as simple as that. Read as many books you can. You can read them based on the genre you like writing in or just in general. To create great work you need to know what great work is. Reading and analyzing the writing style will make a great difference. These lesbian short stories might be a good start for you. 

#3. Eliminate Distractions to become an improved writer


In today’s world, we receive a lot of information, in a very short span of time. We have multiple reasons to be distracted. And our phones are top on the list. It is one of the main cause of writer’s block. It is necessary to create a space for writing. I can be a park bench or a quiet corner in your house. Make sure that there are no electronics with you when you write.

#4. Know your audience to become a loved writer


You know your thoughts well, but the audience doesn’t. So, make sure that whatever content you are creating will be easily understood by the audience. Make sure that your sentences don’t stretch too much. Use proper grammar and punctuation. In the end, your audience decides the kind of writer that you are. We all know writing and freelance journalism is a good way to make money. But the audience decides a writer’s and journalist’s fate. 

#5. Learn more about philosophy and become a successful writer


Studying philosophy will help you in enhancing your thoughts and finding structure in them. It helps you in developing careful and rational thinking. So many people nowadays have trouble expressing themselves properly.  So, if you want to stand out then you need to organize your thoughts and philosophy helps with it. After all, great thoughts create great writing.

#6. Read your writing aloud


After you finish writing it is necessary that you read it aloud. Reading it aloud will give you a sense about the flow of your writing and whether it is easily understandable.

When you read your own writing, it helps you understand it from the audience’s perspective. This will help you make changes and better your writing.

#7. Experiment and become a better writer


Change is inevitable and essential. Therefore, it is important to experiment with your writing style. Do not settle on just one style, because you are good at it. Juggle with different genres and themes. Try to find your voice as well as your audience. After a proper assessment, keep what works and throw out what doesn’t.

#8. Always create an outline


Whatever your idea may be, always create an outline. This helps to develop a better understanding of the matter. Also, you do not forget any aspect. In order to do this, you can carry a notebook around with at all times and jot down all the ideas you get in it.

#9. ‘Me-time’


This is a bit of simple advice, yet effective. In this fast-paced world, we have a ton of excuses about not finding the time. However, if you want to be a good writer excuses won’t work. Having a little alone time will give you the time to think and structure your thoughts, You will come up with better and creative ideas. Your creativity will grow.

This will help you in creating better content.

#10. Feedback, Feedback and Feedback


Getting feedback is very essential. No matter what you write, gain feedback from others. Be it your friends, family or a teacher. When we get feedback, we can analyze our writing better. Sometimes, others see mistakes we might not have. This will give you a window into what the audience gets, as there will be multiple views.

Bonus Tip: Use Grammarly App

grammarly - makes-better-writer

Grammarly is a free writing assistant which can help you to write sentences with minimum grammatical errors. While writing this article Grammarly has suggested me numerous times to change/edit words to make it a perfect fit on the sentence. Viralpanda.net is using the premium version of Grammarly, but to start with you can use the free version, download from here.

Mark Twain once said, “writing is easy, all you have to do is strike out the wrong words.” So relax and let your creative juices take over and just write!

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