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Hitler’s toilet seat auctioned !! You will be shocked to know the price


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Many people are quite fond of taking antique items. At the same time, the things that are a big personality are also auctioned at a much higher price, which those people buy who have the desire to collect such goods. One such unique thing was now auctioned by the German dictator Hitler.

We are talking about the private toilet seat of dictator Adolf Hitler, whose price will surprise you. Hitler’s retreat was looted by American soldier Reganwald C. Borch during World War II. Reganwald’s son has now auctioned it. Reganwald was among the first American soldiers present on the spot as they knew both German and French languages.

Apart from this, many other items of Hitler and his wife Eva Brown have also been auctioned. This wooden toilet sheet was installed in Hitler’s private bathroom in Berghof. It also includes Eva’s Key Knicker. 1300 pounds gained for this nickel.

His shaving mug with Hitler’s picture is also auctioned. For this, 15600 pounds have been received. Hitler’s hair brush and 4 rare Hitler hairs have also been auctioned. These hairs were removed from the hairbrush and gained 1650 pounds for them.

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