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His aberrant remarks towards women shock Internet users


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An unknown facet of the actor has been denounced on social networks.

Disappeared at the age of 90 this Saturday, October 31, Sean Connery will forever embody a certain idea of ​​the “alpha male” thanks to his James Bond. A bit misogynist on the screen, the spy in the service of His Majesty was apparently also in the city. Between the poignant tributes of the weekend, misogynistic and sexist remarks by the famous Scottish indeed agitated the Web following the announcement of his death.

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I don’t think it’s particularly wrong to hit a woman ”, declared the actor to the magazine Playboy in 1965. ” If she’s a slut, a hysteric, or still in a foul mood, then I do ”, arguing that it was still preferable to strike a blow ” open hand “ as a closed fist. In the 1980s, when morals timidly evolved, Sean Connery persisted and signed during an interview that turned en masse on social networks. ” I have not changed my mind. If you’ve tried everything – and women are good at it – they stick with it ”, he assures in front of Barbara Walters. ” I don’t think it’s good, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing either. It depends on the circumstances and if she deserves it. “

The legendary actor ended up backpedaling in 2006. “ My point is that I believe that no abuse of women is justifiable, whatever the degree. Period “, he declared in the columns of Times of London.

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